Toxic smoke of brick kiln destroying about 300 bighas of Boro cropland in Bogura

Update :: Saturday, April 10, 2021

It has been alleged that boro paddy of about 300 bighas of land belonging to more than 100 farmers in Dhunat upazila of Bogura has been destroyed by the smoke of brick kiln. The affected farmers are seeking the intervention of the upazila administration in this regard.

Khaduli, Kurigati, Ujalshing, Gobindpur and Jolagati villages were seen on the spot as 6 brick kilns have been built for a long time on three crop lands in an area of ​​about 500 meters.

The brick kilns are Ekta, Five Star, Boss, Grameen, Adarsh, Bandhu, BBC and Diganta. Most of it is unlicensed. Agriculture and the environment of the area have suffered due to these low tides which have been formed without following the government rules and regulations.

After stopping their brick kiln activities a few days ago, toxic and foul-smelling smoke suddenly started coming out of the kiln chimney for the current year.

Although the damage was not well understood in the early days, the farmers gradually saw that the paddy plants of their green fields had turned red due to the smoke. The leaves have curled. The sheaf of rice has turned into cheetah. Not only paddy but also other crops have been destroyed.

An agronomist, who did not want to be named, said it was usually the rule to turn off the ebb by setting fire to a few reactors. If all the downstream furnaces are turned off at once, a large amount of heavy sulfur dioxide is emitted through the chimney.

That heavy sulfur gas, not being able to go very high, starts coming down quickly and gets into the stems and leaves, destroying crops and trees.

The affected farmers complained that the toxic gas emitted from the brick kiln had leaked into their paddy fields. It is far from profitable, it has become difficult to raise production costs. And I will start harvesting paddy in just 20-22 days. This is what happened. We want the owner of the ebb to be our compensation. We don’t want to see brick kilns in the area.

On behalf of the brick kiln owners, Messrs. Grameen Bhata owner Faridul Islam said, “We have a system to emit toxic fumes in the kiln. Even then, since the farmers have complained, we will try to compensate.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Mashidul Haque said, “After receiving the complaint of the farmer, the incident was found to be true. Crop damage is being assessed. Necessary action will be taken against the owners of the vats in consultation with the senior officials in this regard.

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