Tahsan and Vidya Sinha are two popular faces of the time

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Tahsan and Vidya Sinha, two popular faces of the time, have teamed up and starred in a short film called ‘Connection’. The film is produced by Raihan Rafi. The shooting of this photo has been completed recently. After other work, the picture has been published online. At 18 minutes and 20 seconds long, this picture was made sitting in their respective homes. As a result, the house where Tahsan and Mim live has a great opportunity to see his fans. Producer Rafi said that he had to spend about 14 hours on the video call to finish this work with Tahsan-Mim! Because the whole thing has been done with instructions through video call. Tahsan said that from the beginning of the lockdown, the idea of ​​shooting at home was on his mind. Mim wanted to do the job for her channel. The idea of ​​the story is mine, later the producer did the screenplay. That’s how the work was done from home. Mim said he recently opened a YouTube channel in his own name. Creating the ‘Connection’ image to promote the channel. In that series, he has released the film on his YouTube channel.

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