Bridge without connecting roads in Bogura

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Update :: Sunday, February 28, 2021

A bridge stands in the open field without having any connecting road in an important location of Digolkandi village under Sonatola upazila in Bogura district and the people of the areas have been demanding to mud-filling for the uselessness of the bridge.

Local people said that a bridge was constructed in the connecting road of Digolkandi to Sayed Ahmed Station area at the cost of at Tk. 18 lakh in 2020 but after passing one year, the connecting roads of the bridge was yet to construct and the narrow and low connecting roads are normally drowned under water during the rainy season and the people cannot use the road.

The locals also said that more than 85 percent of people of the area are involved in agricultural activities and they have to carry their agro-products to the nearby markets for selling but the dilapidated condition of the road have been hampering their smooth transports of the products.

Rostam Ali, Chairman of Jorgaca union of Sonatola upazila said that the bridge was constructed on the demand of the local people by the government and connecting roads of the bridge should be constructed very soon.

Project Implementation Office of Sonatola sources said that the connecting roads of the bridge were constructed but due to the four repeated floods have been swept away the connecting roads and the connecting roads of the bridge will be constructed very soon.


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