Train to start running after 66 days

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One and a half  century years have passed since the railway communication in the Indian subcontinent. Never before has the train stopped running for such a long time. Although the British established rail links in India for their own benefit, it changed the face of British India in transporting passengers and goods in the desert, jungles and wetlands. Rail communication was a great blessing for the people of the subcontinent. In the 1870 Mumbai’s Victoria Terminal in India was renamed CHT. It was the first railway station in India. The British laid the first railway from Bombay Port to VT. Then began the construction of railways in different parts of India and the introduction of trains one by one. Rail communication between East Bengal and Bangladesh started in the 1880. The train entered East Bengal from Calcutta. Meter gauge railways were introduced in the early 1900. Then there was the First World War, there was the Second World War, in 1947 India was divided and riots broke out. The war of independence took place in 1971, various movements were fought and the railways were never closed. When some railway bridges were broken in the war in 1971, rail communication was running on both sides of the broken bridge. Although the railways were washed away in the floods, special trains have been running on both sides. This time the Corona epidemic has completely shut down the rail transport system. The iron sheets of the railway line have rusted. The stations are buzzing. Desolation seems unrecognizable. The running staff of the railways and the employees of the traffic department are not wasting their time. Intoxicated even during the lock down, these railway employees come and steal and look at the railway station yard engine bogie. And he says in his mind that our favorite train will never start. At different times in Bangladesh, trains have been closed for a week or two during the strike blockade program of the opposition parties. Although the air, road and waterways have been closed, the government has tried to maintain normalcy in the country by keeping the trains running with special arrangements. Rail communication is at the top of the communication system in this direction. For more than a year, the train service has never been stopped for 7 consecutive days. The poorest 2 lakh peddlers, ferries to local mail trains and stations to sell low-priced goods. In this, they earn enough to survive with their families. 50,000 beggars make a living by begging in the train station and station area. 3 lakh small traders run their families by selling food like tea biscuits at railway stations and station areas. These low-income people are in great danger due to the closure of rail communication. The family is half-starved. Three to four lakh small traders do their business by transporting goods by rail. They have reduced the size of their business due to the closure of rail communication. The train carries about 1 lakh passengers every day. During the Eid season, five to six lakh passengers are transported by rail. Since last March 26, the general holiday and all train services in the country have been stopped. Only intercity trains with half passengers will run from May 31. Mail local and express trains will not run. We hope that the Corona epidemic will be reduced and that all trains will be whistling again. People around the station will say in the sound of the train that this is all gone. The low-income people who make a living from stations and trains will wake up again. Millions of people will smile. In India, however, long-distance trains and local mail trains have not been addressed due to the lock down.

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