Allegations of expropriation of expatriate property against own brothers in Raiganj

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Update : Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Allegations of misappropriation of expatriate property have been leveled against own brothers of Raiganj Upazila in Sirajganj district. As a result, there has been a mixed reaction among the people in the area.

It is known that Md Shafiqul Islam Jhantu Talukdar and Abdus Sabur son of late Harun-or-Rashid at Dewvog village under the upazila tried to grab the property of Dubai expatriate Md Abdus Sakur Talukder.

They have built a cattle farm house in the land of Md Abdus Sakur Talukder illegally.  Abdus Sakur Talukder alleging that the lease money was embezzled in collusion with Shafiqul Islam Jhantu Talukder.

Abdus Sakur Talukder claimed that if he asked his brother Biplob and cousin Sabuj for help in protecting the property, he was threatened to evict his property and evict all the rest of his property.

Abdus Sabur Biplob said that there is a huge space lying next to the cattle farm under construction if any one seek to build, they could it without any hassle.


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