Allegation of illegal occupation of school land

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Update : Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Allegation of illegal forcible occupation of school Land of Mokamtala High School was raised against local influential under Shibganj upazila in Bogura.

Houses and businesses have been built on the occupied land. The schools own pond is being dug and soil is being taken away. As a result, 2 buildings of the school are threatened. The head teacher of the school Ashraful Islam made a written application to the upazila nirbahi officer.

According to the application, 20 decimal of land has been occupied by some local people and 8 to 9 houses have been constructed there. Separate site 5 decimal of land of the school own adjacent to the highway has been illegally occupied by president of the school Abu Bakr Siddique.

He is doing a motorcycle showroom business by building a house at that place. The president himself is digging the school pond and taking the soil. Due to the deepening of the pond, 2 buildings of the school adjacent to the pond are threatened. Excavation work did not stop even after the ban of the headmaster. The value of the land to be taken over will be around Tk two and a half crore as per the local market.

It is noted that the president suspended the head teacher from his job on November 11 and the president withdrew his dismissal on November 15 after accepting a large sum of money from the head teacher. The head teacher made a written request to the chairman of the Rajshahi Education Board, making such a complaint.

The head teacher lodged a GD at the Shibganj police station on April 28, alleging the threat of assault. GD accused President and his son Farooq Mondal.

OC Abdur Rauf said that the matter of GD is being investigated through an officer. It was not possible to talk to the president of the school as he was ill.

However, on behalf of the president, his eldest son Farooq Mondal said that the headmaster withdrew a large amount of school fund money from the bank by forging the president’s signature. And for that reason he was given a provisional application and his application was withdrawn on the condition of depositing that money in the bank. But he has not yet deposited the money in the bank and claims that their showroom has been set up at his place.

Local UP Chairman Ahsan Habib Sabuj said that many local people including him know that school land worth Tk crores has been illegally occupied.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Tahmina Akhter said that necessary measures will be taken after investigating the complaints.

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