After being closed for 544 consecutive days, the country’s educational institutions reopened

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Update : Monday, September 13, 2021

The government announced the closure of educational institutions in March last year to control the coronavirus epidemic. After being closed for 544 consecutive days, the educational institution reopened on Sunday, September 12.

At the beginning of the day, students were seen walking to educational institutions in many areas of Mithapukur in Rangpur, Pirganj and Nawabganj in Dinajpur. Someone alone. Some in groups with classmates. Again with some guardian. Wear the clothes of their own educational institution. Back bag.

Visiting the traditional Boalmari Kanchdaha Degree Madrasa in Nawabganj, Dinajpur, it was seen on the spot that the students were crowding in front of the gate before the opening of the Madrasa. Happily feeding each other chocolates. Madrasa authorities have provided soap and water for students to wash their hands at the gate. After washing their hands and measuring their body temperature, they are distributing masks to everyone for free.

Morshalin, a 12th class student of the madrasa, said, “After a long time, when the educational institution opens, we will be able to read and write by teaching directly to the teachers.”

Maulana Moniruzzaman, acting principal of the madrasa, said, “We have arranged for the students to wash their hands at the gate along with measuring their body temperature.”

Asked what steps he has taken to ensure hygiene in educational institutions, Academic Supervisor Shafiul Alam said, “We are working to ensure the issue of mask wear, social distance and sanitizer.”

Tofazzal Hossain, secondary education officer of the upazila, said, “We are conducting regular monitoring to ensure all kinds of restrictions.”
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