Afrini shown her best sincerity at Winona State University in America

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Update : Sunday, April 21, 2024

Afrini Hossain, born at Amshatta village of Gobindapur union under Dupchanchia upazila in Bogura, has been selected Commencement Speaker by the 2024 spring graduate convocation ceremony of Winona State University in America. The ceremony will be held on 3 May-2024 in the university conference room splendidly. Afrini Hossain is elder daughter of businessman Mohd Afzal Hossain and Ms Ummi Siddika Rini.

The mayor of the state and senates of the university and vice-chancellor of different famous universities across the world will present as guest to enjoy the splendid programme. Meanwhile, a joyful atmosphere is spread at her home village Dupchanchia after getting her success result.

She has completed graduation degree from the Renound University successfully on Psychology & human resource department. Before admission in the university, Afrini has completed both O Level and A level from Scholastic school and college at Dhaka in Bangladesh successfully.

She will represent the graduating class well. Afrini Hossain chose to attend Winona State University for its academic excellence, close community, and support for international students like her.

The journey to achieve a psychology degree and a minor in human resource management presented its fair share of challenges. First off, there was getting accustomed to the language, the culture, the environment especially the cold weather.

In her country the coldest would probably be about 45 degrees. In addition, coming from a different educational background, she had to acclimate to new teaching styles, classroom dynamics and academic expectations. From navigating language barriers to adjusting to a new academic system, these experiences taught her that obstacles are opportunities for growth and learning.

Hossain’s favorite part of her Winona State experience was the leadership roles she had the opportunity to explore, including Equity and Inclusive Excellence Chair for Student Senate, and President of both International Club and Bangladesh Club.

During her time at Winona State, Hossain also served as an International Orientation Leader, helping to welcome and assist other incoming international students.

Guiding new students through the orientation process, providing support, and fostering a sense of belonging has been incredibly gratifying, knowing that she had played a role in helping them feel at home in their new environment.

After graduation, Hossain plans to pursue a master’s degree and has been accepted by all the graduate programs she has applied to. She  feel a strong sense of purpose and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

She is proud to attend and graduate from Winona State University because of the transformative experiences, invaluable opportunities, and supportive community that have defined my journey here.

Afrini said “Winona State provided me with a supportive environment where I could develop resilience and perseverance.”  “Whether it was taking on rigorous academic coursework, balancing extracurricular activities and responsibilities, or facing personal struggles, I learned to approach challenges with a positive mindset and a determination to overcome them.” She added.

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