A press conference on National Fishery Week held in Kurigram

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Update : Saturday, July 23, 2022

A press conference on National Fishery Week on July 23-29 was held in the conference room of Kurigram District Fishery office at 10.30 am on Saturday (July 23) jointly organized by District administration and Fishery Directorate.

Kurigram District Fishery officer (DFO)Kalipada Roy presented the key note paper in front of journalists of both print and electronic media where Senior Fishery officer of KurigramSadarIsmatAra and KurigramKhamar Manager Shamsuzzaman were also present.

The theme or slogan of the Fishery Week is “NirapadmaseyVorboDesh,BongobondhurBangladesh”ispublicizing by Banners,Festoons,View exchange with journalists,discussion meeting by loud speaker etc.

The speakers said the fishery sector is playing a vital and important role to develop in the socio-economic condition of the country. It is significantly full filling the demand of vitamin, alleviate poverty, creating job opportunities, achieving foreign currency and empowerment of women.

According to a statement of Food and Agriculture Organization in the last 10 years of UN, the rate of fish production increasing, Bangladesh is second, InHilsha production Bangladesh is first, collecting fishes in free internal water bodies as third,Fish production in stagnant water bodies as Fifth,Fish production in fresh water (SaduPani) as fourth and Production of Telapia as fourth and third in Asia.

After Independence of the country,the production of fishes was at 8.2 lakh Metric tons but at present it has been developed at 46.21 metric tons.

Kurigram district is playing a significant role to product fish. A total of 13637 hectares of water bodies including ponds, Rivers, Canals, water bodies, Paddy fields and flood lands in the district. Around 46705 metric tons of fishes are being produced from these water bodies here every year.

The demand of 47275 metric tons of fishes of around 20.70 lakh people in Kurigram district. Around 570 metric tons of fishes are being deficit to fulfill the demand.The causes of deficit as the risk of flood, water not remained in the ponds, Rivers, Canals and water bodies round the year as more sandy and lack of loading of water.

In addition, pisciculture in water bodies of carp varieties of fishes,Shing,Magur,Koi,Pangas,MonosexTelapia,Pabda, pisciculture in cage etc are being produced.  The data base activities of registration and ID cardof the fishermen are going on.

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