A couple serving create enlightened citizens through their library

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Update : Friday, May 6, 2022

A couple of Kurigram’s Rajarhat upazila has been serving through their established library for three years to create enlightened citizens in his area.

The couple are Abu Sayed Molla, 45, and Rinee Begum 38, of Hariswar Taluk village under the upazila. Husband collects books for their library while wife gives service to the readers as Librarian. Most of their readers are students.

The couple at first formally run the library in the name of ‘Gronthokutir’ in one room of their residence storing 322 books. Now number of books is around 1,084.

Of the books, different kinds of reference book, novel, poem book, essay book, drama, juvenile book, travelling book, freedom fighter related book, science fiction, biography, religious book, little-mag and memorandum book are mentionable. But there is no class book of students in the library.

Abu Sayed began to read various books of his friends from 1990 while he was higher secondary student. He began to buy books from 1995 and stored some books. Once he found a mobile library of Biswa Shahitto Kedra in his college and learnt its activity. He was inspired on it and determined of establishing a general library. In this purpose, he was collecting various books in his student life. He acquired B. Com degree in 1995.

After marriage in 2000, his wife found different books in his bedroom. Once she inspired him to establish library in one room of their houses while he disclosed his motive about library. Lastly, they run the dream library in their one room and invited local student readers there.

“There are over 100 readers of the library while around 20 readers come to study here regularly. The library is kept open from 3:00 pm before dusk every day. My wife (Rinee) takes care of library and follows duty as a librarian. She is an HSC educated and also General Secretary of the library governing committee,” Abu Sayed said.

“We buy one or two books every month from our few incomes. But books are insufficient than demand of our readers,” the librarian Rinee Begum said.

“We observe various programmes including resisting early marriage, tree plantation and observing national days (library related). Sometimes we participate and contests on poem recitation, drawing, debate, book review and discussion on biography among readers,” Rinee said.

A book publisher ‘Oyetizjjo’ donated 182 books of worth Tk 35,000 in the library in September, 2018. Sometimes some high educated persons and teachers come to visit the library.

A college student Miftahul Zannat Shishir said, “I am a regular reader of the ‘Gronthokutir’ which is set up in the home atmosphere. As a result, my guardian did not dispute me to come to the library. Number of books and various kind of books are few than my demand. But it is enough to primary and secondary students of remote areas.”

A class nine student Jemi Akhter said, “I am a reader of the library for two years. I come here as I have no capacity of buying books. Various discussion and debates in the library help me to attend school contests.”

Susanto Barmon, Assistant Professor (Bengali) of Kurigram Government Women’s College, said, “I visited the library named ‘Gronthokutir’ two months ago and donated some books. I was pleased presence of student readers who don’t loss their times unnecessary. The book lover couple are trying to build enlightened citizens through their library.”

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