9.2 degrees Celsius temperature recorded in Rajshahi

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Update : Saturday, January 7, 2023

A gentle cold current is flowing over Rajshahi. Along with that, the minimum temperature has decreased. Rajshahi recorded a temperature of 9.2 degrees Celsius on Saturday (January 7). The minimum temperature has dropped by 1.4 degrees in a span of one day.

Meanwhile, the severity of the winter has increased due to the frosty wind. Wind speed is 6 nautical miles per hour. Even though the wind speed is less, the minimum temperature is lower and more cold is felt. Normal life has been hampered by this severe winter. People with low income are suffering the most during winter. And the residents of Padma’s grasslands are in danger.

Nawab, a rickshaw driver, said that in winter, the body gets cold. I read ganjis, sweaters, jackets. Even though there is a sheet, the hands and feet are getting cold. There are less people on the road in winter. Hence the income has decreased. I am standing at the crossroads in the winter. But there are no passengers.

Rajshahi Meteorological Observatory observer Rajib Khan said the minimum temperature of the day was 9.2 degrees at 6 am on Saturday (January 7). The previous day on Friday, the minimum temperature in this area was 10.6 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature was 19 degrees. The minimum temperature on Thursday was 10 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature was 20.6 degrees Celsius.

He also said that a gentle cold current is flowing over Rajshahi. Along with that, the overall temperature has decreased. There are light clouds in the sky. However, even if there is no chance of rain, the temperature may drop further if the clouds clear. Besides, the temperature is expected to drop in the next few days.

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