5 urgent instructions of the cabinet department including school-college closure

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Update : Friday, January 21, 2022

The Cabinet Division has issued five emergency directives to prevent coronavirus infection. The directive was issued today, Friday (January 21). The instructions are-

1. All schools and colleges in the country will be closed from January 21 to February 5.

2. Universities will take similar measures in their respective fields.

3. State, social, political, religious gatherings and ceremonies cannot be attended by more than 100 people. Those who will participate in these cases must have a certificate of Corona Vaccine or a negative certificate of PCR test done within 24 hours.

4. Officers / Employees in Public-Private Offices, Industrial Factories must obtain Corona Vaccine Certificate. .The concerned authorities will bear the responsibility in this regard.

5. Masks must be used in all kinds of public gatherings including markets, mosques, bus stands, launch docks, railway stations. The administration or law enforcement will monitor the matter.

Health Minister Zahid Malek briefed about the overall situation of Corona at Mohakhali in the capital around 11:30 am. The health minister said all educational institutions would be closed from Friday, January 21 to February 5.
Besides, more than 100 people will not be able to take part in social, political and religious events. Government and non-government organizations will run with half the manpower. It has been decided in this regard. Notification will be issued soon .
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