3 aspirants from AL fighting for Kahaloo upazila chairman post

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Update : Sunday, April 21, 2024

The upcoming upazila election of kahaloo upazila Bogura district will be held in second phase in the country on May 29 in the nest month.

In the election, for the upazila chairman post, the three AL leaders including the existing upazila chairman have been fighting for the post of upazila chairman as no other party men have drawn nomination papers from the office of assistant returning officer in Kahaloo and returning officer in Bogura district.

Election Office of Kahaloo source said that in Kahaloo upazila, out of 1,92,406 voters including 95,951 male voters and 96,450 female voters will cast their votes to three upazila chairman candidates, two female vice-chairman, and seven male vice-chairman aspirants in the upcoming country-wide second phase election.

Previously local Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami leader and former upazila chairman Principal (Retired) Tayeb Ali and his men conducted publicity, presented eid felicities but later on the decision of central committee, they boycotted election and BNP also boycotted election early. So only three Awami Leader withdrew nomination paper from local election office and will fight for the post of upazila chairman in Kahaloo of Bogura.

Three upazila chairman aspirants are existing upazila chairman and vice-president of upazila unit Awami League Md. Al Hasibul Hasan Kobiraz (Shuruj), General Secretary of upazila unit Awami League Md. Abdul Mannan and the member of executive committee of Bogura district unit Awami League Assistant Professor Ahsanul Haque.

Visiting different areas of the upazila and talking with the people of the upazila, the existing upazila chairman Md. Al Hasibul Hasan Kobiraz (Shuruj) will stay in better position as BNP-Jamaat leaders are not coming in the election because the existing chairman has enough acceptability among the common BNP-Jamaat men of the district.

Md. Al Hasibul Hasan Kobiraz (Shuruj) told the reporter that the people are their power-house and they have been making politics for the betterment of the lives of the people neglecting their career development.

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