111 militants dreaming of returning to normal life in Rajshahi

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Update : Thursday, March 16, 2023

With the unique initiative of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police, 111 accused and bailed militants are starting to dream of leaving negative life and returning to normal life.

Accused and bailed militants are appearing before the officer-in-chargeOn Thursday (March 16) at 4:30 pm, 33 accused and bailed militants appeared at Belpukur police station and appeared before the officer-in-charge Moha Moniruzzaman. In the presence of media workers, they expressed that they will return to normal life.

Out of 12 police stations of Rajshahi metropolis, 6 police stations namely Boalia, Rajpara, Motihar, Belpukur, Paba and Chandrima police stations have 26 cases related to militants. Out of these 9 cases have been completed. Out of these 14 cases are under trial and 3 are under investigation.

Out of 111 people in 26 cases, there are 86 militants from JMB, 15 from Hizbut Tahrir, 1 from Shahadat Al Hikma, 1 from Ansarullah Bangla Team and 8 from Ansar Al Islam. They are all struggling to get back to normal life.

It is an unprecedented initiative of RMP to bring so many accused of militancy cases under such a program. Police Commissioner Md. Anisur Rahman, BPM (Bar), PPM (Bar) said that this is a preventive activity of the RMP. Arrangements have been made for regular attendance at the police station. The accused in the militant case, who are out on bail, have promised to return to normal life. We also want the accused in militant cases to be freed from militancy and return to normal life.

It should be noted that there are a total of 38 listed militants in Rajshahi Metropolitan Police’s Belpukur Police Station. Out of this 33 people are regularly attending the police station and 1 person is in jail. Out of the 33 persons who appeared at the police station, 3 convicts sentenced to life are out on bail on the orders of the High Court.

Of the remaining 30, 29 are out on bail from the trial court and 1 has been granted bail pending investigation. However, the activities undertaken regarding the collection of information of 4 militants are ongoing. The program started with the attendance of 33 people at the experimental Belpukur police station. This program will be started in four more police stations from April.

This great initiative of RMP has been appreciated by the city residents including accused and bailed militant accused and their family members.

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