10 pave roads removes suffering of thousands people in Nandigram

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Update : Saturday, March 4, 2023

The long-term suffering of several thousands of people has been removed due to the construction of 10 pave roads under LGED under Nandigram upazila in Bogura.

Apart from ensuring easy transportation of people, all kinds of facilities are available in the village. Rural economy has become dynamic and strong. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s laudable steps of paving and reforming rural roads have made the communication system with the district town easy.

The upazila LGED has also played a leading role in the construction and renovation of educational institutions. Under various projects, 17 primary school buildings were constructed and renovated with boundary walls at a cost of Tk 13 crore 83 lakhs last two fiscal years.

More than 20 kilometers of 10 roads at a cost of more than Tk 20 crore  has been implemented under the IRIDP-3, GPBRIDP-2 RDRIDP and CRMIDP projects to solvency of the socio-economic standard of the area.

According to department 12 km of roads will be renovated at a cost of 6 Tk crore 50 lakhs and two small culverts will be constructed at a cost of Tk 6 lakhs. The work of 2 two-storey market buildings with 4-storey foundation in Hatkari is in progress under the nationwide rural market infrastructure development project.

The old mud roads were all in a state of disrepair. A little stormy rain would turn the road into mud and potholes. Due to this situation on the dilapidated road, the movement of vehicles became a liability, let alone the movement of people on foot.

Due to the poor connection roads, the farmers of these agricultural areas could never buy and sell their agricultural products in the haat market at the right price, bring any kind of goods including fertilizers and seeds. Village boys and girls could not go to city schools and colleges to study. The milk of the cow farmers could not be taken to the mills.

A pedestrian named Arun Kumar Chakravati said that now people of the upazila can travel in fast vehicles through this newly constructed road. Farmers are able to move all types of goods including agricultural produce.

Upazila Engineer Sha-rid Shahnewaz said that to reduce suffering of people they are working tirelessly. They are working to provide a suitable environment for education by providing easy access to the hospital for treatment, farmers’ produce can be sold at a higher price in the city market, and adequate classrooms are provided for the children.

Executive engineer of LGED department Bogura Md Golam Morshed said that the roads will end the long-standing sufferings of the people of some villages.  All concerned have been repeatedly urged to do quality work as soon as possible, he added.

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