10 injured in Ishwardi AL factional clash

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Update : Thursday, December 8, 2022

At least 10 people were injured, including five who sustained gunshot wounds, as two factions of the ruling Awami League clashed near the Hardinge Bridge at Pakshi under Ishwardiupazila on Saturday evening.

According to witnesses and locals, the authorities kept government sand collected from the River Padma in the Pakshi area on the river banks.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority sold the sand four months ago through an open tender.

Pakshi union parishad chair and the proposed Ishwardiupazila AL joint general secretary SaifuzzamanPintu bought the sand for Tk 76.25 lakh as the highest bidder.

JohurulMalitha, organising secretary of the proposed IshwardiupazilaAwami League, participated in that tender. He had an altercation with Saifuzzaman as Johurul could not secure the deal.

On Saturday evening, when Saifuzzaman’s people came to pick up the sand, Johurul’s men stopped them, which led to a clash. Masum, Samrat, Mohammad Ali and Sweet, among others, sustained gunshot wounds while a few others were injured.

Four of the injured were admitted to the IswardiUpazila Health Complex. Later, Masum was shifted to Rajshahi Medical College Hospital as his condition deteriorated.

A few motorcycles owned by activists of both factions were vandalised during the clash. SaifuzzamanPintu said that he was under constant pressure after buying the sand from a BIWTA tender.

‘I have been subjected to extortion because of the sand. As I chose not to pay any more money, the opposition people came and opened fire on my people,’ he said. JohurulMalitha denied taking part in the tender regarding the sand.

Officer-in-charge of Ishwardi police station Arvind Sarkar affirmed that two factions of the local AL clashed over the sand business and established supremacy.

‘I have received a written complaint, and it is being investigated. The police will take further legal action,’ Arvind said.

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