10 degree Celsius heat in Tetulia

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Update : Thursday, January 5, 2023

Panchagarh district is a neighbor of the Himalayas. For the past few days, there has been a cold wind and fog like rain. The sun is nowhere to be seen. Tetulia observatory recorded a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius at nine o’clock yesterday morning.

Temperatures of 9 to 119 degrees Celsius have been recorded since last few days. Even though the temperature has increased, the severity of winter has not decreased. The movement of people and vehicles on the road is less. Low income people are suffering due to cold flow and thick fog. Continuous fog and cold currents from night till dawn. Heavy rain is falling.

The destitute people who live as laborers are living inhuman life under the burden of winter clothes. Feeling severe cold in the morning, unable to go to work. Even after that, the family members have to go to work ignoring the severe cold due to two meals a day and installments. The market is crowded with carpet shops. In Lef Tosh, the workers are very busy with work.

The environment is covered with frosty wind and fog every day from evening. Panchagarh District Commissioner Md. set fire to straw, leaves and old wood in most of the rural houses before evening. Zahurul Islam said, 40 thousand blankets have been distributed. An application has been made to the ministry for more blankets. Trying to save from cold. Many cold people are trying to prevent cold by wearing old clothes.

Officer-in-charge of Tetalia Meteorological Observatory. Russell Shah said that the temperature is gradually decreasing due to the cold air of the Himalayas blowing from the north. Such weather is likely to prevail for a few more days ahead.


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